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Sunday Funday in MT

I love looking out the window at Amanda’s house. If you look out either the front or the back you see the same thing… mountains! Here is the view from her kitchen window in the front of the house.

Amanda asked me a couple weeks ago what I wanted to do when I was there. I told her I am itching to go snowmobiling. The best place she found was in West Yellowstone, MT. Yellowstone National Parks western entrance is minutes from downtown. The actual park itself is not open for the season until 12/15 but the town is still there and the snowmobiles are available so we got in the car. The drive is incredible. These pictures do these mountains no justice but I wanted to share these anyway.

I believe that is the Madison River to the right. I know that the area near where she lives is believed to be the beginning of the Missouri River which is formed when the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers come together.

Check out this cave. My mind was going crazy thinking about what might live in there. Perhaps its Yogi and Bo Bo?

A couple miles down the road we turned a sharp corner and this is what we saw in front of us. Amazing, huh?

We stopped along the way for lunch and I felt obligated to have a buffalo burger.

We also found a restaurant/bar with these cool car booths.

3 Comments to “Sunday Funday in MT”

  1. Rich says:

    Did you stop in for lunch in Ennis? We spent a week in West Yellowstone for a family vacation one year.

  2. Daisy says:

    Yes we stopped there 2 times. I had the buffalo burger on the way there and a cup of soup on the way back!

  3. Amanda says:

    Lol, that’s funny, yep, twice – good ole Ennis :)

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