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Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Holiday In The Park

Today after dinner Lily, JP and I all headed over to Six Flags. A couple months ago we bought 2011 season passes which cover the rest of 2010 as well. They have lots and lots of christmas lights up all over the place. When we first got inside the park our first stop was The Goliath which is right at the beginning of the park.

I always tease Lily about being scared right before we get on.. but she isn’t.

Then we sang a couple Christmas carols.

Isn’t she so cute?

We even saw a dragon.

And acted like a tin soldier.

I love the blue lights.

And who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny?

It was about 60° outside so hot chocolate was acceptable. I burned my tounge a little bit! I love how enthusiastic these two are. I didn’t even ask them to be!

JP and Lily say cheese.

This is the best parking spot I have ever gotten at a theme park. Pretty much front row!

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    Hey! Brian from Review the World here! Thanks for checking out my website and leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed some of our content. Man, holiday at the park, that sounds like an awesome idea! Hope you had a good holiday. Be well!

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