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Do you know where your photos are?

JP has taught me a lot of things over the past few years. One of the most valuable things I have learned from him is about saving pictures. As you guys know I take pictures every single day. And pretty much every single day I upload them to my computer and then shoot them up in the sky. If my house ever burns down I feel safe knowing that every single picture I have taken since I met him is safe up in the clouds and I can access them from any computer that has the internet. I admit I do have a bunch of pictures that are not in the sky yet but I do have a burner that will eventually put them all up there. I had a bunch of pictures on CDs that I have put in the sky but the hard copies still need to be scanned. We use googles picasa to store our pictures up in the sky with. It is a free service at first but once you reach a certain size you start paying a small annual fee of like $10 or $20. As of this moment I am using 8.35 GB of storage space with them but I have access to like 80 GB before I have to upgrade again, not to shabby right? Having them stored that way helps with postings like the one I am doing today.

I told you yesterday that JP is out of town. He is in Portland, OR spending time with his son Morgan who is on winter break from school. I have stayed in Portland a few times and always had a lot of fun. Since he is staying in downtown Portland I asked him to take a picture of this statue.

After he sent it to me I went back into my archives and I found this picture that was taken about 4 or 5 years ago.

Here is the same picture taken today but it is of John’s son Morgan.

Then he sent me a picture of himself with this sign.

And I found this picture of me in the same place only taken from a different angle.

And of course he stopped to touch the beaver.

And so did I back then.

Then who can resist taking a picture of a sealion?

I know I can’t.. I just want to know how many drinks it took me to get “in” the water fountain!

So lets recap what I tried to teach you today…. 

#1 – Protect your photos they are invaluable.

#2 – Plan a trip to Portland (with me). It will be fun.

#3 – Here is proof that it really does rain all the time in Portland.

Oh and one other thing I forgot to tell you about JP and taking photos is that you are never under any circumstance to delete a photo. You know what I am taking about. We are ALL guilty of it. You take a picture then look at it and are like ‘”ugg” so you delete it and try again. This is a huge huge no no in our house. We keep them all for better or worse. My friends have a harder time adapting to this rule than I do. Amanda secretly deletes pictures when I am not looking. I have actually learned that sometimes when you take a picture and you think its bad, when you load it to your computer sometimes it’s a lot better than you think. Or I have even had times where I didn’t like a picture then like a year later I did like it.. god I sound like JP now!

Ok so to add to what I taught you today:

#4 – Don’t delete photos.

2 Comments to “Do you know where your photos are?”

  1. Beth says:

    Oh how I love my lessons from Rosie and JP, u crack me up girl!

  2. Amanda says:

    U r right, I do secretly delete them :)

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