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Christmas Eve Gifts

I am sitting in the living room waiting patiently as JP hooks up some of the electronic stuff. I am hungry and thinking about putting the tamales in the steamer. Last year we decided our Christmas Eve tradition would be to eat mexican tamales for dinner on Christmas Eve. Here I am sitting in the big cushy living room chair typing at you.

Earlier today we each got to open up a Christmas Eve Gift. Here is Lily ripping open a Barbie.

A couple months ago I was in Pottery Barn and I fell in love with their Reindeer Dinner Set and I mentioned it to JP.

I am so impressed that he remembered! Check this out. This is one of two boxes that where inside of the first box.

Then came the napkins.

And the napkin rings.

And then the appetizer plates.

This is the only plate that we already owned. The Rudolph serving plate.

Then it was JP’s turn to open a gift. We got him the Beatles Yellow Submarine Electronic Pinball game. Anyone who has been to our house knows that we have a full size Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox in the living room.

The other side of Lily’s family has a tradition of going to church and having a big dinner. I don’t do the chuch thing or have family around here in San Antonio so she is much better off over there. I got her all dolled up before I dropped her off. Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

I love this little girl!

Tomorrow morning I will go get here again and we get to open up all of the other gifts that are under the tree!

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  1. Corey Jo says:

    Hey, I have the matching glasses to those plates. Valisatie gave them to me a couple of years ago!! Too funny!!

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