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Christmas Across The Country

I had this idea a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve I set it into motion. I emailed pretty much everyone in my address book and posted on my facebook asking people to send me a picture that they took this Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped make this posting possible! I am not adding any of my own pictures these are all photos that other people sent me in the last two days, in no particular order.

Here is my niece Erica of Holt, MI on Christmas morning being a Beiber head as usual. Erica will openly admit that she is Justin’s biggest fan!

Here is Kelli’s (also from Holt, MI) hand proudly displaying the “dime”in ring that my nephew Joey made for her.

And here is Alex and Joey wearing the Spartan gear in Holt, MI.

And here are JD and Ryan searching for the perfect Christmas tree in San Antonio, TX.

And my nephew Rick with his kilt on in Holiday Hills, IL.

And this is a garage gnome that lives in Holiday Hills, IL. Check out my brothers blog for more info on this guy.

And here is Steve and the Grinch in Levenworth, WA.

My nephew Zane’s first Christmas is being spent on the carpet with his Dad Sean and their dog Frank in Tacoma, WA.

And here is Suzie’s Christmas tree in Shoreline, WA .. nothing left but the cat!

And here is the fabulous Charlotte in South Haven, MI.

Here is my nephew Cael and his sisters Sofia and Isabel all of Whitmore Lake, MI. The size of the stockings crack  me up!

I hope there was some good stuff in there.

Exactly what she wanted! A dog!

This picture makes my heart melt. I am going to pretend that the reason he is smiling is because he is excited about his first Christmas!

Seems like everyone wanted a pillow pet this year.

My friend Tom of Kalamazoo, MI sent this picture of the plate that his grandaughter made for Santa.

Levi and Christina of San Antonio, TX always have smile to share with us!

Anabella of San Antonio is also excited about her first Christmas!

Isis of Wilsonville, OR and her family spent Christmas day up in the mountains. Her authentic snowcone looks delicious!

And Demetris’s snowcone looks just as good!

LaTecia and Cleo of San Antonio say Merry Christmas!

This is a picture that my neighbor Annelise sent us. She says this is her cousin.

And don’t you love this picture of Autumn from San Antonio? I hear she has been a very good girl. I think that is her husband Nick in the Santa suit.

Will said he went moutain biking for Christmas. Here he is in Issaquah, WA.

Chris J of Austin, TX shared this one with me. His exact words are “This is as Christmas as it gets here”.

And last but not least my friend Valerie of San Antonio, TX sent me this picture of Christmas tree shaped butter.

Thanks again to everyone who sent me pictures!

4 Comments to “Christmas Across The Country”

  1. kelli says:

    Rose you did a great job………Looks like you had a nice christmas

  2. Vanessa says:

    That picture of Alex & Joe cracks me up. What a great idea..fun to see.

  3. Beth says:

    Very nice Rosie, I wish I would of sent more pics, I got sidetracked!! I have tons but you know how it goes! OOXXOOXX~BK

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