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Happy Birthday CuriousDaisy!!

Today is CuriousDaisy’s first birthday!!

Facts about the first year:

As of today I have posted 474 times.

As of today you guys have left 664 comments.

Amanda has commented on 14 postings, and Stephanie once.

As of today I have 119 catergories.

As of today you have 7 pages of stuff to look at (have you ever clicked on any of those tabs above?).

13 Things I have learned in my first year of blogging.

  1. I value every person who has taken the time to read my blog. Sure I shamelessly self promote and I am sure that 60% of the people that I tell about my website don’t actually go but for the other 40%, and my loyal readers, thank you and I love that you come check on me.
  2. I have learned to be myself. I worry less now about what people will think than I did when I began. I mean after all I figure if you don’t like what I am putting on my blog then don’t come back. I tend to think of it as if I am writing to my bff; I say it and pretty much no matter how it comes out it is what it is.
  3. Allow boundaries to set themselves. There are things I want to say that I don’t. And there are things I say that I think twice about but in the end I blog about them anyways. Would I type anything on here that I wouldn’t want my mother to read… probably not. Would I type anything on here that might make my mom cringe… maybe.
  4. Use words that people don’t usually see like “Yikes”.
  5. No matter how many times I refer to myself as or tell people my name is Daisy if they knew me before a year ago they will call me by another name.
  6. There are  A LOT of spammers who like to leave A LOT of advertisements in my comments. It is very annoying and that is why when you leave a comment on my site sometimes it is held for moderation. About a month ago I found an awesome spam blocker and now I only see about 1 a week, if that.
  7. Comments: I love them. I crave them. It’s flattering to have people react to what I have written or about things I share. Any blogger who claims not to care about comments is lying. The only comments I don’t like are either from the spam people I told you about or stupid comments. Nothing is stupider than comments that have nothing to do with the post or comments with no content like “I like milkshakes”.
  8. People say that they don’t have enough time to do a blog. I keep myself amazingly busy yet every single day I find at least a few moments to think about what to post. I try to carry my camera with me constantly so that I don’t miss a perfect Cannon moment. Sure there are days when nothing cool happens and you kinda have to force it but for the most part SOMETHING will happen every day that you can talk about. Between taking the picture, loading it and then blogging about it I spend about 10 minutes a day doing this.
  9. Someone asked me not to long ago if I have any hobbies. I told them I don’t really have a hobby. But then I thought about it later and if fantasy football and knitting can be hobbies then why can’t blogging? Blogging is my hobby!
  10. Anonymous commenter’s are not as sneaky as they think.
  11. I like talking about myself. I really like to talk about myself. It makes me happy that you are sitting there reading this right now. Thank you again for reading about me!
  12. It is best to find someone to proof read what you are about to post. If there is no one then read what you are about to post and then read it again. Anytime a spare set of eyes are available I take advantage of it. Sure I have grammatical errors and spelling errors but I would probably have a lot more if JP didn’t log in and fix stuff for me sometimes.
  13. Sometimes things sound better in your head than they do on your blog. Or sometimes you have something you want to say but you can’t quite find the words. Some postings will suck, but most won’t.

  Thank you for a good first year. Do you think I can keep it up for another one?

5 Comments to “Happy Birthday CuriousDaisy!!”

  1. Alex says:


    Good job on the blog. I enjoy reading it.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I have to admit that when you first started I didn’t think you would keep it up. I enjoy checking it out everyday.

  3. marlene says:

    I certainly hope so, I look forward to reading about
    what’s going on every day.


  4. kelli says:

    Rose you have inspired me to do my blog, so thank you for that. When I get on the computer this is the first site I go to and enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep it going!!!!!

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