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Day #6 – Chicago or bust!

We woke up this morning in South Haven knowing that in just a few hours we would be in Chicago, IL. We had tried unsuccessfully for the last two days to have Sherman’s Ice Cream. Right when we checked out of our hotel room we headed to Captain Nemos and I ordered my ever sought after Chocolate Malt Supreme! YUM!!

It was soo cold outside and breakfast time but we didn’t care.

Lily ordered Blue Moon.

First we met up with my brother Alex, his wife Kelli and the rest of their family and we handed off Lily for the night. Then we set out for Chicago. By the time we got into Chicago we had hit 4 toll roads. The first one was for $0.60 the next was $1.50 the next was $3.00 and the last one was $0.80. Here is the $3.00 skyway toll.

Are you as confused as I am?

Here is our first good view of downtown Chicago.

Once we got downtown we checked into The Drake Hotel and the bellhop took our picture.

Here is a picture of me just outside of the hotel. It was cold and rainy and about 32º outside.

Christmas is on its way!

Here I am just outside of the John Hancock which is the 2nd tallest building in Chicago. Does anyone know what the tallest is?

The John Hancock is so tall that we couldn’t even get my picture taken with it.

The Magnificent Mile is said to be the best shopping in the mid-west. We were literally in shopping heaven.

I told JP I was hungry and when in Chicago do as the Chicagoans do and eat deep dish Chicago style pizza. It was a 45 minute wait from when we ordered to our first bite but soo worth it!

Our evening continued on long beyond this but both JP and I are in agreement that it would be inappropriate to show any more pictures. Sorry guys!


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  1. marlene says:

    I’m so glad you’re having a great time. We had an interesting Thanksgiving, We’ve had brutelly cold weather with snow for the past week. This morning we woke up to snowing hard! We decided to postpone Thanksgiving until Saturday. We were going to go to Chris’s house and we still are but just didn’t want to face the bad roads today. They’re suppose to be better Saturday! It took Chris 4 hours to get to his house on Monday..

    The weather in San Antonio looks good, a little chilly at night but nice during the day. MAP

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