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You better go catch it…

Do you remember when we were kids what we would say if someone said  “My nose is running”? It started yesterday morning and has since gotten worse. At work I took some medicine for it and it made me feel high all day. I hate that chemical high feeling but at least there isn’t snot running out of my nose. Most of the time at work I sit at my desk with my ipod blasting in my ears. For some reason when I am not feeling good I like either pop or rap music.  When Jennifer came by my desk midway through the day I said to her “I has been listening to Eminem all day and I really feel like cussing right now”. She laughed. It didn’t dawn on me until right now that I should have been listening to Pink Floyd! All day I have been dealing with that strange medicine buzz and hot and cold flashes. On my ride home I decided I was going to take a quick picture then get in bed for the night. I am not going to worry about dinner, I am not going to fold the pile of clean laudry on the chair, I am not going to do ANYTHING! Here is a picture of what I will be doing.

p.s. JP if you read this before you get home will you bring me food?

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  1. Zerah says:

    I’m going on one week of having a cold – I know how you feel. Hopefully it clears up soon. I also got a flu shot last week, like you, maybe the two are linked?

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