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Throwback Thursday

Today I went through a box of photos that I have from when I was a kid and I pulled out all of the Halloween pictures that I could find. I did my absolute best to put these in date order.

As far as I can tell this is my first Halloween! In 1979 Vanessa was Raggedy Ann, I am a devil and Tom is Superman.

Same year but even more people! I am not sure what Alex’s costume is, James looks like a knight, and I don’t know who the two boys in the back are. Notice the porch swing that I have talked about in previous posts?

I don’t think this is actually a Halloween picture but it could have been. Seriously Mom, what did you dress us in!

Here is Me, Tom and Vanessa on Halloween 1980. 

This is the same year with my Mom as Andy, Vanessa and Me as Raggedy Ann, Tom as a scary skeleton and James as Dracula.

We do not look very happy do we? That is me on the left and Vanessa on the right. Vanessa is my older sister but I look bigger, huh?

I am guessing that this picture goes next. I don’t recognize the porch that we are standing on. Tom is a cowboy, Vanessa is Batman and I am a clown.

The next year it looks like I am a clown again. That is our childhood dog Muggar.

This picture is James as a Zombie, Me as a clown, Alex as a demon, Vanessa as an angel, and Tom as a Dallas Cowboy. On the back of this picture in my Mom’s handwriting it says “The Little Zurek Monsters”.

This is definitley me and Vanessa but I don’t recognize the fireplace we are standing in front of. I do however recognize some of this things sitting on it.

I remember this year I was a ghost and Vanessa was a gypsy.

This picture says January 1984 on the back. Vanessa is Raggedy Ann, I am a witch, Jennifer is a gymnast, and Chris is a zombie?

And this one says March 1985 on the back. Jennifer is a gymnast again, I am an orange… err a pumpkin, and I am not sure what Vanessas costume is?

And the last picture is Laura as a cat, Tom as a zombie, Pauly as a devil (the same devil costume that we all wore as babies), Vanessa’s costume is unknown again, mine is a cheerleader, and Zerah is a witch.

This is one of my favorite postings I have done in awhile! Thank you Halloween! And thank you to all of my brothers and sisters for dressing up every year for Halloween!

7 Comments to “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Alex says:

    Nice pics. I was a hippie in pic #2. It was good to see a picture of Mugger.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Think about the first one….you would have been 3 months old your first Halloween. That is your second one. Mom always made us an angel for our 1st and devil for our 2nd. Love the pictures.

  3. Daisy says:

    That might explain why I found a picture dated Dec 1978 with a baby in a pink bunnie suit.
    Maybe I never was an angel? Wow some things never change! :)

  4. Paul says:

    Is that fireplace from the Connecticut house? Cause that’s definitely our stuff on it.

  5. Joy says:

    Even Rick wore the devil costume for his first Halloween. Had to do the traditional thing. Thanks for sharing the pics. It was fun to see you all.

  6. Zerah says:

    Great photos, thanks for sharing! I’ve got some cute old ones too, I should post some of them…. Also, what’s with Vanessa rocking the Ragedy Ann costume for 3 years!!!!

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