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Butt what? Butt hurts!!

Today me and Cathy went to Kennedy Sports Park to fill in for a softball team that was short a couple girls. These fields are nicer than the fields we play on on Tuesday. The biggest difference is the actual field itself. Both fields are red sand but over at the other field the ground is a lot softer and more sand-like. At this field it is more like playing on a big huge cinder block.  So this is what happen. We have 2 outs and the guy batter before me gets walked so its my turn to bat. In this league if you walk a guy that has two outs and the next batter is a girl then the girl gets to choose to walk or to bat. I was there to have fun so I chose to bat. The first pitch is way to the left but the second pitch was perfect. I swung with all my might and cranked it way out into the outfield and over the outfielders heads. This was seriously the best hit I have EVER had. I run to first and then run past second when I hear them telling me to stop. I look up and I am like thinking I can totally get to third. I run with all my might and I see the ball heading to 3rd. About 5 feet from the bag I panicked and decided to slide… as I throw my body at third base I realize that I was leading with my left and not my right… oh crap! I seriously rolled to 3rd base… I was so embarassed but I stood up and told the umpire that I was ok. I looked and my right elbow was scraped up, my left knee was scraped up and I could tell that under my shorts my left butt was scraped up and bleeding. Here is a picture of just below my left butt cheek.

And this picture does it no justice but my knee is pretty scraped up too.

I get back to the dug out and I was like “Cathy my butt is bleeding”. I didn’t even notice until JP mentioned it later but there where no other slides in the entire game… I think I figured out why!

2 Comments to “Butt what? Butt hurts!!”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I always thought you weren’t suppose to slide on a rec league. At least that was our lazy teams rule. 😉

  2. Daisy says:

    We slide a lot. Sometimes we slide even when we don’t need to. Why do you think I wear those big long socks? They usually protect me!

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