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Brand new earrings

After school today I took Lily to the mall to pick out earrings. Up until today she did not have any earrings except for the ones she got pierced with. They have some pretty cool earrings at the store and we had a lot of fun looking through them. Little did I know what was in store for us when we got home.

Its been a very long time since I had my ears pierced. I have no idea if it hurt when I changed my earrings the first time or not. When I pulled off the first earring Lily started crying and didn’t want me to pull the other. It literally took me 20 minutes of listening to her cry to get her to let me pull the other earring. She keep saying “It is gonna hurt” and I was like “Yes, it probably will” it wasn’t until I said “I will be as gentle as I can” that she let me do it. I seriously think I was born with a little less compassion than the average person. I totally get the award for Mom of the year today!

Is it normal for them to bleed a little bit the first time they are taken out? I cleaned her ears with peroxide and put some neosporine on the new earrings. I hope its not like this every time!

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  1. marlene says:

    Hi Rose, I remember when I had my ears pierced, at that time it was done at the doctors!! They said not to take the earrings out for six weeks. I used peroxide on my ears morning and night for that six weeks. I think they still bled a little bit when I put new ones in but there was no infection. MAP

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