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We Recycle
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Our recycling gets picked up on Saturday mornings. We have a hard time actually getting it to the bottom of the curb every single week so we usually only take advantage of the service every other week. And since it is usually every other week the bin is usually completely full by the Saturday that we remember. This morning on our way out I reminded JP that we needed to take it out. On my way out the door I grabbbed my cell phone and a few cans and bottles that were on the counter. When I got out to the bin JP was holding the lid open and I threw it all in. Then we started breaking down some boxes and other stuff sitting next to the bin. Right as JP was about to roll the bin to the curb I said “WAIT…. MY CELL PHONE”. I was convinced that I threw it in the bin when I threw everything else in. So JP looked around and didn’t see anything.

I started to think maybe that is not what happened. We went inside and got his cell phone and called my cell phone. We heard it buzzing so we started digging.

We had to call it three times before I screamed “I SEE IT!”.

And I went in for the retrieval.

What if I didn’t realize so soon what I did? Yikes!

2 Comments to “We Recycle”

  1. K$ says:

    Goodness, I’m glad you found it! Paul has tried to trash his ipod a couple times but luckily he remembered before we took the trash out.

  2. Rich says:

    Our garbage service does not take electronics in the recycling. Your so lucky.

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