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Very Hairy
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When I was a kid we had a really bad hair cutting experience. I guarantee if you ask my sister Vanessa right now what I am talking about she knows exactly.  She also remembers sporting the boy cut for a number of years. As as adult I am still not that fond of getting my hair cut. Some girls go get there hair cut a lot.. I don’t. Ever since I moved to SA I have been trying different places and I finally found one that I like.

I have not had my hair dyed, streaked, bleached or anything in at least 5 years. I also usually just get a trim or some layers or something but today I got a little crazy. Barbie gave me bangs. Yes, her name was Barbie! I told her as soon as she introduced herself that I liked her name! Her is a picture of my bangs! Next time you see me in person they will be swept to the side I just wanted to put them in my face so you can get the full affect.

I am looking forward to wearing my hair in a ponytail and having those perfect bangs that sweep to the side!

If your in the San Antonio area you should go see Barbie Flores at Avalon Hair Design & Spa off of Huebner and Stone Oak Parkway. www.avalonhairdesignandspa.com

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Looks cute. Now the test is if you can style it yourself. I always tell Chris when he likes my haircuts: just wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.

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