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Spotted Dick

After playing in two kickball games and a softball game last night I was tired. Like really tired. I am pretty sure I didn’t wake up at all until the alarm went off bright and early this morning. I was all rested up but I was not prepared for how I felt. Ouch.. my muscles are achy. Not the ugh I am getting sick achy but more like the I used every muscle in  my body achy. The strongest muscle pain I have runs from the front of my right ankle and almost all the way up to  my knee. It took me until just a few hours ago to figure out why it hurts to much. I drew you a picture to explain. The hottub is calling my name! 

On another note has anyone ever heard of “Spotted Dick”? Seriously if you would have asked me that question before today I would have recommended a doctor. Look at what I found at the grocery today. Who eats this? Has anyone ever heard of this?

That is NOT what we will be having for dinner. We are going to have this!


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  1. Rich says:

    Yes its English bread pudding with raisins. The guy in the cube next to me keeps a can at his cube so he can use the word dick with out it being an HR moment.

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