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Every once in awhile me and JP like to drink a martini and Lily likes a cherry temple!! Something about the perfect blend of stoli vodka, olive juice and olives really tastes great. A couple days ago I found out from a friend at work about Sip-N-Style and I thought it was very awesome. I sent Melinda an email and asked her a few questions. Then I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with her and she made me the 4 most perfect martini glasses! Here is my favorite one!

I order one for me, Lily, JP and J9! If you go to the gallery on her website and scroll toward the bottom you will see all four glasses that I ordered (they say Daisy, Princess Lily, MHMoE and J9 on them). She has like every color and pattern you can think of! Seriously, go check out her website!

2 Comments to “Sip-N-Style”

  1. Patrice says:

    The glasses look very cool.

  2. Sip-N-Style says:

    Thanks Rose for sharing our website with all the Curious Daisy bloggers! We loved the way your glasses came out hope the glasses make your martinis taste even better!

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