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I’d Hit It!
Categories: Injury Report, Sports

Today I played 2 softball games with a team named “I’d Hit It”. They had a girl player who couldn’t make it so I filled in for her. You might recognize three other people in the photo. Cathy is in there and so is Mario and Barbara from kickball.

This picture was taken right before the second game. You can’t tell by looking at anyone except for me in this picture but we were all sweating our butts off. It was like 90°+ and so so so humid.

Here is a picture of my sweaty leg that I took in the dug out.

I have been playing catcher for over a year now and tonight was the first time I got hit in the face. It rolled out of my glove and jacked me in the jaw! Now I have a stitch shaped bruise on my jaw.

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  1. joey says:

    i played catcher in little leauge also go hit …had a helmet

  2. […] like that happens you feel it for at least a couple hours… sometimes days. Remember back on July 10th when I got hit by a softball in the chin? That hurt for a few days. Then remember on October 14th […]

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