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GPS is my friend
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I learned awhile ago that GPS was my friend. When I first moved here I used GPS to get all over San Antonio. After I got my iPhone I started using the GPS on that a lot. Anytime JP and me went anywhere that we had not been before I would google the place and plug it into the map. I have learned that I prefer to use the blue dot to locate myself on the map and the red dot to figure out where I want to go and find my own way. The iPhone sometimes sends you in a round-about way. One of those round-about ways happened to us on Saturday.
When we rented a boat on Canyon Lake and we had three hours from when we left the dock to be back. After a technical problem with the boat we ended up leaving the dock at 3pm meaning we had to be back by 6pm. Around 5:30 JP said we had to start heading back. Thinking we were pretty close we started heading toward the marina. The problem was that nothing looked familiar. Then I had a great idea to turn on my iPhone and check the GPS. Me being the genius that I am said “I am not sure what the GPS will do about where we are but at least it will show us the closest road”… hmmm. I guess it never dawned on me… mostly because I never tried… that it would know we were on water!  When I turned on the phone this is where we were (I drew the blue arrow so that you can see where we needed to be at 6:00).
I plugged in the marina address the map said to head west and gave me driving directions! I knew we needed to make it to Canyon Park so using the moving blue dot I was able to get us back to the marina. I actually called the marina and told the girl who answered that we were going to be late. During the ride I started playing with the options and my phone and learned that I have a satellite option. Note the time.
I am not sure exactly what time we made it back to the Canyon Lake Marina but we did and they didn’t charge us the late fee.

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  1. 147639019 says:

    Wow, you used 11% of your battery in 15 minutes? You must have to charge that thing a lot!

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