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Cuss Word Wednesday

You can always tell that either Amanda or Stephanie are in town when we have to make a visit to one of these places. This time my lucky guest is Amanda.

She was trying to cut an avacado when she accidently did this instead.

Being a good sport I drove down to Walgreens and bought a bunch of stuff thinking we could bandage it up at home. JP took a look at it and sent us to urgent care. The doctor said it was a good idea that she came in and started the stitching.

About 15 minutes and 10 stitches later this is what her finger looks like now.

And before anyone asks… NO there was not any alcohol involved!!!

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  1. Katie says:

    Oh poor Amanda! I’m glad you did take her to the doctor, that looks pretty bad. I never knew avocados were so dangerous!

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