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Socks & shoes
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About 99% of the time when I leave for work in the morning I am wearing flip flops. Pretty much everyday I grab the shoes I intend on wearing that day (if they are not already in the car), a pair of socks (if needed), and I slip on my flip flops and fly out the door. Once I get to my work parking lot I put on my shoes and go in the building. This morning I was in a bit of a hurry when I grabbed my socks and tennis shoes.

I made it to the parking lot with a few minutes left to spare. Just enough time to get my shoes on. I grabbed the socks out of my purse and started slipping my left foot in when I realized that they were not my socks. They look a lot like mine only a lot smaller! How the heck did Lily’s socks get in my sock drawer? I had no choice.. I pulled and pulled and pulled and I was able to stretch it enough to fit on my size 9 foot even though it was made for her size 3 foot. Same thing with my right foot.. it was tough but I did it. I felt very succesful. Then comes my left tennis shoes, and then my OMG.. please don’t say its true.. I looked at the left, then at the right, then at the left again and thought to myself… OMG what do I do?

I had no choice. Asics on the left and much much older dingy Adidas on the right. For a little while I had a little plan in my head to go buy a pair of shoes at lunch. But I didn’t because this my friends is a good example of why I usually hate Mondays!

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  1. K$ says:

    Classy! :) Did anyone notice that your shoes were different? Luckily they’re fairly similar!

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