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Really Freakin Hot
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It is no secret that it is pretty hot in Texas. Actually no it is really hot! But do you wanna know what else is really freakin hot? The inside of a parked car.

Did you know that a car’s interior will heat up by an average of 40º F within one hour of being parked? Even in cooler weather! And did you know that 80% of the temperature rise occurs within the first half-hour!
This is why you should never leave ANY living things in a parked car (children, dogs, plants, ANYTHING!!).

This is what the screen on my iPhone looked like after I left it in the truck for about 5 hours! It wasn’t even sitting in the direct sun, I had it tucked up in between the sun visor and the roof of the truck! I held it infront of the air-condititioning vent for a few minutes and it came back to life! I learned a valuable lesson yesterday… what if it never turned back on?

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  1. joey says:

    no melting iphones

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