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I am the bravest

As of this moment I am officially the bravest person that I know of today!

It all started a couple days ago I saw a wasp that kept flying in between some bricks on the outside of our house. We don’t have wasp spray but we do have bug spray so I sprayed the brick and never saw the wasp again.  Later that same day I saw a bee fly into one of the lights on the porch but I left him alone. Fast forward to today. I was picking some stuff up outside and I saw the bug spray and remembered the bee that I saw on Sunday. Keep in mind that the light that I saw him fly into is above my head.. probably at about 8 feet high. I’m not sure what got into me but since JP is not home I decided to spray where I remembered seeing him… imagine my surprise when like 5 bees come falling out! OMG! OMG! OMG.. they are still alive… sorta! I was about to take off running but I put on my braveness and I kept on spraying… and they kept on falling. Gross, yuck, omg what if the queen is next? What if she doesn’t die?

This is the light they were falling out of . You can still see a few of the dead bodies that are stuck. Those will have to wait until JP gets back in town…

Here are a few of the casualties of my braveness! Who’s the queen B now??

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  1. Rich says:

    Wasp spray after dark works the best. I also like Jon’s spray with gasoline and set them on fire trick but it is only effective after drinking all night.

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