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San Antonio International Airport
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I have been to the airport in San Antonio many many times. Most of the time I have been on my way to Seattle,  but I have also flown out of San Antonio and headed to Chicago and San Diego. And a bunch of times I have been to the San Antonio airport to pick up visitors! Those are the best two reasons to go to the airport.

For me the worse part about going to the airpot is to drop people off. I love visitors and I hate it when they have to go back home, or when JP has to go out of town for business. Today I had to drop off JP and I don’t like it!  

I am suppose to be at the airport three more times this week. First when Amanda flies in from Salt Lake City,  then when Stephanie and Steve come in from Seattle, and finally when JP comes back home!

Somebody call the control tower because this weekend is gonna be AWESOME!!!

4 Comments to “San Antonio International Airport”

  1. J-9 says:

    You didn’t mention where JP was going. I’m assuming it’s because he’s on a top secret (possibly very dangerous) mission to an undisclosed location.

  2. Daisy says:

    Ha ha.. yes J9 he is on a top secret computer geek mission!

  3. JP says:

    J9 – You didn’t hear that I am on a secret mission, and you certainly have no idea of what I am doing or what unnamed three letter agency is sponsoring it. Dangerous? Danger is my middle name (J Danger P)!

    I can only leave a cryptic code about my whereabouts… AW dnomdeR… to say any more would put innocent people in danger!

    Got to go, my ice cold Martini has arrived… shaken, not stirred.

  4. K$ says:

    Teehee I broke J.D.P’s code: )

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