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So many thing I could say right now. It was so innocent at first. One thing on my mind… BREAKFAST TACOS!  Nothing would make up for the fact that I crashed JP’s porsche today… nothing. I am not even sure that he believes me yet. Poor JP.

I seriously thought I was going to die today. I went a minimum of 360° after hitting the other car…

The men in blue gave me a ride home. I asked him to stop for the tacos that I was originally going to get and he did not think that was funny.

7 Comments to “Porsche”

  1. J-9 says:

    Why is this filed under Nothing Eventful? That looks pretty eventful to me.
    I’m curious to how exactly that happened.

  2. Daisy says:

    Yikes! I have nothing to say about what happen! How do you find better things to file things under? I never realized anyone actually looked at my tags! Sometimes I throw random tags that have nothing to do with anything in posts.

  3. amanda says:

    I’m glad you’re ok…why am I not surprised! Stephanie and I talked to you about your driving lol!!!! JP is gonna kill you after the denial passes…u can always come live with me!!

  4. Rich says:

    That was a very nice Porsche. Why would he ever let you drive it? I wanted to buy the cheaper Boxer but built the master suit on our house instead.

  5. marlene says:

    What happened, I need the details!!! Are you ok? The Porsche looked okay when it was being loaded onto the truck. Marlene

  6. Chris the Pirate says:

    OMG Nooooooooooo!!!!! You didnt… YOU DID!!! I’m not going to be able to talk to you again until I have given JP a hug lol.
    Seriously though.. why didnt you just stab him in the junk with a rusty spork!?

  7. Chris the Pirate says:

    The wheels dont seem to be pointing the same way.. thats never good. Whats it look like from the front?
    I’m from the sticks, tell JP to get a hammer, some pliers, bailing wire, duct tape and some black gloss spray paint (just 1 can oughta do) and I’ll come help him fix his baby.

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