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Oh Hair!
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After work today I went to get  my hair cut at Salon Desires on Blanco Rd.

I will totally admit that I have been pulling gray hairs out for a couple years now. JP always gives me a hard time about it telling me leave them alone. Today my stylist mentioned them and I asked her to pull any that she sees. Now I feel totally justified pulling them! It’s not like they are normal hairs they are super curly and so very course. This is a picture of one of the lucky ones to get pulled! I am so screwed when all of my hair goes gray!

She told me I would look good with highlights. I have not died or bleached my hair in over  five years and I want to keep it that way. Here is a self portrait from when she was blow drying my hair.

And the finished style! Ta-da! Only a few inches taken off of the bottom but lots of layers along the way. I can say goodbye to bad humidity hair days because my hair girl sold me some secret potion!!




Can you see in the mirror who is taking the picture?

2 Comments to “Oh Hair!”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I also pull out my gray hairs. I’m going to guess Amanda is taking your picture. Love the hair cut/style and are you willing to share the secret?

  2. Daisy says:

    Yes I will share but let me test it out for a couple weeks to make sure it works!

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