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It’s Alive!
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Back on March 29th (The Sad Palm Tree) I wrote about the palm tree that we thought was dying in our backyard. If you look back at the old posting and then look to the bottom left of the first picture you will see the dead baby palm tree in the planter that I didn’t mention. We thought for sure this guy was a gonner.

It got me thinking so I went back into my picture archive and found a few old pictures of what he looked like before we trimmed the dead leaves off of him. See how yellow and dead the leaves are?

And then if you look at this one you can see what he looks like without any leaves on him.

IT’S ALIVE!!!! I took this picture today, look at him go!

It’s pretty awesome to see what we thought was dead is alive now! I think its cool how the leaves seem to uncurl.

The main palm tree in the posting on 3/29 is also taking off! I am so proud!


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  1. J-9 says:

    Congratulations Dr. Frankenstein!

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