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I want candy

Back on Feburary 2nd of this year I bought the most candy I had ever bought at any one time in my life… until today! I had to pick up candy for a work thing next week so we headed to Costco. The picture doesn’t do a very good job of showing just how much is in there but just keep in mind that that is a Costco sized grocery cart! We bought 10 bags each of two different mixes of candy, one with chocolate (snickers, hersheys, reeses, etc.) and the other without chocolate (twizzlers, starburst, skittles, etc.). I am guessing we bought a minimum of 4,000 pieces of candy!

Here is the view from the other side!

And everyone knows you can’t leave Costco without having a slice of pizza!

Lily likes to make funny faces when I am trying to take her picture. I always tell her that every picture she purposely makes a funny face in is going into a slide show that I am going to show everyone at her wedding. Here is a good example of the kind pictures that I would show if I actually meant it!

3 Comments to “I want candy”

  1. Vanessa says:

    That is a lot of candy! Funny thing is that I go to Costco at least once a month and NEVER have eaten the pizza. We always talk about how maybe we should but it always seems busy…

  2. Zerah says:

    I used to always get a slice of pizza when at Costco but with a baby now, it’s too much work to manage the kid and the cart and the crowds. But their pizza is good. mmmm…

  3. Daisy says:

    Ahh maybe there is a reason the line is long? Plus it’s cheap!

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