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Very Corny
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When we were in the produce isle at the grocery today I saw fresh corn on a cob. Where the heck is corn growing right now? JP said  maybe in Chile. Lily was very excited, she loves corn on the cob!


A couple days before Easter I was in the grocery store with Lily. When we walked past the floral section she noticed this Easter Lily. She had learned how to read the word Easter the night before when we were doing her homework. She looked at it and said “That plant has the same name as me and its spelled right!”. I was so proud! Surprisingly lots of people spell her name wrong. A lot of the time it is Lillie, Lilly, or Lilee … it makes no sense to me. When we bought this it was just a plant and over the past week it has bloomed four beautiful flowers with three more to come.



2 Comments to “Very Corny”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Chris & Isabel can’t wait for the corn to get here! How did it taste?

  2. Daisy says:

    JP and Lily loved it!

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