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Who’s Cat Is That?
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I think when Lily grows up she is gonna be one of those crazy animal people … and it is all going to be my fault. She is a serious animal lover. She has been asking for a cat ever since she could talk.  I am not a fan of animals nor do I want to be a pet owner. I’m not saying that I would ever kick an animal for fun .. just saying that I do not want to be a pet owner. Shortly after we moved into the house that we lived in in Northwest Crossing I noticed a black cat that would hang around the front and backyard a lot. One day I told Lily that we didn’t need to get a cat because we already had one that lived outside. Everytime that I would see that cat I would yell out to Lily that her cat was back .. she would always run to the window and look. In the last couple weeks I have noticed a cat hanging around in our new backyard. It is very scared so I can not get very close but here is his picture! I am totally gonna tell Lily about this one!


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  1. Katie says:

    Kittens make good pets. You can leave them home alone a day or 2 and they survive. :)

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