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Lessons In Pop Machines
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Yesterday at work I really wanted a pop. I needed $1.35 for the vending machine so I dug through my purse but all I could come up with was $1.30. All the  cash I had was a $5 bill. Have you ever put a $5 bill in a vending machine? You always get the change back in quarters. Well,  I wanted a pop so bad that I was willing to deal with the quarters. So I walked downstairs and put the $5 bill in the machine then I pushed the button for a Mt Dew. Usually when you buy something in the machine immediately after you make your selection it spits your change out … not this time. The display said $3.65 .. hmmm. I hit the coin return button and nothing happens. I hit the Pepsi button and out comes a Pepsi bottle and the display says $2.30.  Again I hit the coin return button and nothing happens. So I hit the Mt Dew button again and out pops a Mt Dew and my remaining 95¢ in change. I walked away from the vending machine with 2 Mt Dews and a Pepsi. When I was walking past the receptionist I said “Don’t ask” and she started laughing so I offered her one of them. She took the Pepsi. I went to my desk and drank my pop with a mental note that I will drink the other one in a few days. This morning I come into work and the first thing I notice is this Mt Dew bottle … I never opened that bottle. I never drank any of the pop from that bottle. Now I truly wondering who drank it and if they enjoyed it? Why didn’t they just take the whole bottle and hope that I would forget it was on my desk? Hmmmm


4 Comments to “Lessons In Pop Machines”

  1. Patrice says:

    That is a crazy story. now you have a pop partly drank by a mystery person and you can’t enjoy it.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I’ve heard of people stealing from the work fridge but this is a new one!

  3. Katie says:

    I just think it’s hilarious that you call it “pop.”

  4. Daisy says:

    Katie I didn’t know it by any other name for a long time .. even here in Texas it comes out of my mouth as pop. Lily’s friends all think its funny too.

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