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Today I was in the grocery store buying things for dinner. I was so excited when I saw that haas avacados were selling for $0.44 since each. I looked at the label and learned that they are a product of Chile. I’m guessing its the height of the growing season? Then I noticed some much larger very green almost lime colored avacados selling for $0.88 each. I asked the produce guy what the difference was and he said “Those are green avacados.” I told him I understand that but whats the difference … I stumped him. I bought my usual haas and decided to google the other ones since they didnt have a product of label on them. I couldn’t find anything about them on google so if anyone knows please share! I’ll find out when I make dinner tonight if there is a taste difference.


2 Comments to “Avacados”

  1. Katie says:


    I think the bigger one might be a ‘sweet avocado’ which is exactly what it sounds like. I am a bigger fan of the haas.

  2. Daisy says:

    I would NOT recommend these to anyone. Gross .. they ruined my english muffins yesterday morning. They are very very sweet .. YUCK!

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