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Adventures at H.E.B.
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Daisy & Sparkle Kitty went to the grocery store with us today.


They made new friends.


Daisy told us about how much she loves Barbie. Come on Barbie let’s go party!


They both wanted to ride on the horses.


Yee Haw!


Then when we got to the Jelly Belly aisle we were approached by the store manager who said “Can I help you?” I said “Nope, we are just shopping with Daisy and Sparkle Kitty”… he was not amused at all, and said “We don’t want people taking pictures inside of H.E.B.”. I said “Oops” and we went to a different aisle.


Daisy and Sparkle Kitty told us they were very afraid of ants and cockroaches. We told them they have nothing to worry about in their new home.


After that Daisy admitted to us that she was a sociopath and was the #1 fan of the show Dexter.


Feeling like we were pushing our luck we headed to the check out to buy our stuff and leave the store.


Daisy & Sparkle Kitty really wanted to help put the groceries in the car .. but they were just too small and needed Lily to help them.


Daisy thought for sure she would be able to close the trunk by herself .. but she just wasn’t heavy enough.


I think next time we go to the grocery store we will leave them home!


3 Comments to “Adventures at H.E.B.”

  1. Jennifer Y says:

    All those pictures and that’s all you bought? No wonder they didn’t want you guys in the store anymore!

  2. Daisy says:

    Hey we spent $17 .. some cornish hens, 2 cucumbers and a bag of rice! Not to mention the zillion other things we have bought in the past and the things we will buy in the future!

  3. Katie says:

    Haha I love the Dexter picture with the Cling wrap. Great!

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