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On this date in 2011 Lily took a nap out by the pool. JP chilled in the shade. And I played a hand of UNO out on the upper deck with my friends.        

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How come no one ever says “TGIT”? So we are in Denver and I totally planned ahead when I packed for this trip. Does anyone still remember that the Seattle Seahawks beat up the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl this year? Yes, the answer is yes they do! I went into Starbucks this morning […]

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This morning JP had meetings in the morning but a few hours to spare in the afternoon. Before he left this morning he asked what I wanted to do today. The marketing from the 80′s and 90′s must have worked because I asked him where Golden, CO is. He told me to look into it […]


This afternoon JP and I got on a flight to Denver, CO. Checking the weather before heading somewhere in the middle of April doesn’t seem necessary. Well… it is! This is a SnapChat that I sent. And this is what it looked like on our drive from Denver International Airport to the Hotel Monaco in […]

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Today JP, Nicole and I went to Oyster Bake. We haven’t gone since 2011 if you want to read what I wrote last time click here. This is my favorite picture from Oyster Bake 2011. This year Oyster Bake was fun… but kinda disappointing. We had two main reasons for going. We wanted to eat […]

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I was prepping dinner for the BBQ today and JP was starting the charcoal when Lily asked if there was anything she could do. I never pass down a chance to assign her a task so I told her to top off the water level with the hose. I love it when they are both […]

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Every Thursday for the last two years Lily has met with a reading specialist that is a private tutor. She meets with her for one hour just a few miles from our house. It is only a few miles from our house but it takes us about 15 minutes to get there. At first I […]

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The corporate headquarters for the company that JP works for is in Monroe, LA. Yes… Monroe, LA of all places. When he told me last week that he needed to be there this week I was all about going with him. I mean I love to travel and see new things. You can make the […]

Beth & I say CHEESE!

Early this morning JP, Beth and I all headed to the airport. Beth had a flight to Michigan and we had a flight to Mississippi. We had so much fun in the last few days. It is kinda funny looking back because there are huge time gaps with no pictures involved but there were lots […]

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Beth is visiting from Michigan and the main thing she wanted for her Texas trip is warmth. Michigan had a hard winter and she is ready for some sunshine. Luckily today was the perfect pool day… not to hot and not to cold. This morning I introduced her to breakfast tacos. After we ran a […]

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Are you ready for a little Throw Back Thursday? This post seems very appropriate considering that Beth is flying from Michigan to San Antonio later this evening. I have known her since 4th grade when she moved into the house across the street. I am so glad that we have kept in touch all these […]

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The baby lizards must be hatching because lately I have seen a bunch of smaller ones running around. Look at this cute little one. Fun Fact: A group of lizards is called a lounge!

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This morning I called my brother before I left Seattle and asked him to go out to breakfast with us. This is my brother James and I. The drive from Seattle to Portland is pretty boring. It is even more boring when you drive it by yourself. I stop so many times when I do […]


This morning JP and I headed to the airport. Once we were on the plane it looked like this. Then like 6 hours later we landed in Portland, OR. After we got the rental car I dropped JP off at the hotel and headed northbound. A few hours later I was finally in Seattle. I […]

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JP and I spent a little time hanging out at the pool today. That big ball in the sky is steadily warming up the water for us. Our pool temp is now officially in the 60′s! After I was done vacuuming I told JP that if the direct sun temperature hits 90 that I would […]

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I have no idea what happened but on Friday afternoon I started feeling hot. My entire body was on fire. I didn’t really have any other symptoms… I was just radiating heat. That lasted all day Saturday but by Sunday morning I was fine again. This is the only picture I have from today. It […]


I have seen my share of lizard fights but it still amazes me every time. These two were going at it for about an hour in our backyard this afternoon. When I looked them up online I found this information. The green anole is generally about five to eight inches (13 to 20 cm) long. […]

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I accidentally learned a trick on my phone today that I wish I had known about before. Did you know that if you hold down the shutter button it will continuously take pictures? I feel so silly that it took me this long to discover that. Especially since I am the queen of taking photos […]

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Look who is here at our house this week! I call these Chip & Cheese Part 2. You can see the original Chip & Cheese here.


I am so proud of myself today so I totally have to brag. I went out to the pool to pull out all the leaves and vacuum it. When I started vacuuming I could feel that the suction wasn’t as good as it should be. So I went in the pool house to investigate. I […]

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I am gonna rant at you guys for a little bit about something that I do every week. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I pick Lily up from school. According to google maps it is exactly 1 mile door to door from our house to the school. I have tried convincing Lily that we should […]