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In preparation for our honeymoon next month JP and I got a round of shots today. I got 5 shots and JP got 6. He needed a tetanus shot but I just had one a few years ago so I was okay. The Walgreens flu shot was the only one covered by insurance.


We spent this weekend in St Louis, MO. Here I am super excited with my face-in-hole at the San Antonio airport. We flew in on Saturday morning and were able to check into our hotel room early. Pretty cool view. Our hotel was right across from the stadium and attached to Lumiere Place Casino. Not […]

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Look at what came in the mail today! Can you guess where we are going on our honeymoon next month?


It’s happening! It’s really happening! In exactly one month I am going to marry my best friend in front of about 50 of our favorite people. Viva Las Vegas!!

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This is actually the second face-in-hole that I am making. Last year I did one with Russell Wilson’s head. It’s super duper simple.  You need: A poster, hard poster board, a pencil or pen, 1 sheet protector (optional), double sided tape, and x-acto knife.  First you need to decided how big make the hole. I […]

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My friend Nicole recently moved up to Lake Travis outside of Austin. I didn’t have anything to do today so Selena and I drove up there to visit for the day. On our way up I checked my RoadsideAmerica app and found something called Dead Man’s Hole.  I found this tidbit online: “Dead Man’s Hole, […]

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JP and I flew to Las Vegas for a few days to check on some wedding stuff. Maybe the wedding things were an excuse but we did see tour the chapel at Planet Hollywood. And we toured our reception area.  The rest of the time it was all party, all the time. And gambling of course.  We […]

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How do I make Seattle Seahawk Decorations? I just buy some stuff and paint it!

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Happy Birthday to me!

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A few days ago our friend Barbie called from Austin and told me that she is headed down to the beach for a couple of days. After talking to JP we decided it would be fun to meet her down there. We spent two awesome days on the Gulf of Mexico. We always love the beach. 

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I went floating down the river with a few friends today. As always we had a fabulous time!


Random… simply random!

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So I was standing out by the pool minding my business when I noticed something out of the corner of my mind.  Do you see it? Look closer. AHHHHHH!


I went to North Carolina for a few days. I flew in for Angela’s birthday weekend and Angela’s mom flew in from Florida a few days before me. I love love love hanging out with those two girls. We packed so much fun into just a few days.  We saw some stuff in downtown Raleigh. […]


We dropped Lily off at Prude Ranch Summer Camp today. The first thing we noticed as we were pulling up as this historical marker. The marker says “Andrew Prude purchased three sections of land here in 1897 from J. F. Taylor, and established the A. G. Prude Ranch. Soon he moved his wife Ora to […]


This morning we packed up the truck and headed from San Antonio to Fort Davis. Tomorrow we are dropping Lily off for a week at horse camp. We’ve driven through west Texas a few times but we have never really stopped and it has never been a destination until today. We were not really sure […]

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Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? JP and I spent a few days in San Juan and loved it. Although we never really left the hotel we still had a blast. The last few days looked something like this. We spent a lot of time on the beach. When we weren’t on the beach […]